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Hello Visitor! I am hard at work writing, coding, shooting videos, playing my guitar and hanging out in my studio. Guitar players, programmers, music lovers — please check back often for new stuff!

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A few words about me: Biography

Music for the Soul

It’s been over 50 years since I first picked up the guitar, and since then I’ve learned a lot of cool new tricks, but I’ve also gained a humble respect for tradition. Sometimes, the old ways outclass those of our digital age, and although there may be an app for it, I often prefer to jot down chord shapes and music on printed forms and score paper. This section collects all of the forms I use regularly — I designed them all — in PDF files that you are free to download, use, and share: Music

Programming for the Mind

GNU C++ for Linux Cover

My other main interest — computer programming. Here be zip-file downloads of listings that accompany some of my books on C and C++ and other programming languages: Programming

Blog Jam

Every writer needs a blog, right? Finally I have one too, although I’m definitely late climbing onto the blogging bandwagon: Blog


Watch my music and other videos from my YouTube channel: Videos


1802 Book Cover

Items for sale. There’s only one product for now — a facsimile of my very first book. To my readers past, present, and future: THANK YOU for helping me to keep this site going and for your support! Store

Thanks for stopping by!