About This Site

Continuously online since the 1990s, this website has always been a free and casual place to browse through my various projects and generally just to keep in touch. Thanks for your interest in my work!

To view any project, open its "Project Card" on the home page. You will find links to associated GitHub Repositories, YouTube Videos, Vintage Games, C++ Code Listings, Tutorials, Program Listing Downloads, Guitar Scores and much, much more.

It’s all Open Source and all free!

Thank you for visiting my site!

Tom Swan <tom@tomswan.com>


As of November 2022, TomSwan.com is poised to become my Personal Publishing Platform for all future projects. Most all data files have been transferred to public GitHub repositories. All new files will be found there.

From now on, whatever I have that’s worth sharing will be showcased right here and made available on GitHub with maybe a YouTube video or two to explain how everything works—​or for some light entertainment!

I constructed this entire website myself from scratch using the Go-powered static website generator Hugo along with my favorite writing tool, Asciidoctor. (Watch for more information on those topics, coming soon!)